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How it works, in a nutshell

1. Set your parameters
Set your parameters

Get started by setting up bespoke rules and processes for your typical applicant checks. Select from intelligent defaults (created by our experts) or create your own to mirror existing processes.

2. Invite your applicant
Send invites to your applicants

You can now invite applicants in a quick and easy manner. Simply type in an individual’s email address, or simply upload a CSV file to send out bulk invitations.

3. Complete checks
Complete your checks

Tasks will be prioritised through a checklist, listing outstanding tasks within an applicant’s profile. Tasks are presented in a logical order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

4. Quality management
Quality check your work

Once a profile is complete, you’ll be provided with a final opportunity to quality check the profile. After your seal of approval, you can download a PDF summary, or send the information to AirportGateway.

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An unparalleled feature set

Automation is the key to efficiency, which is why there are more automation features in VettingGateway than in any competing product. Our intelligent features ensure maximum productivity against the highest of security standards. Take a look at our top user features...

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See how VettingGateway can improve your vetting processes, speed up reference turnaround times, and help you achieve more in less time.

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Discover some of our most popular background checks...

Uk Aviation 1

Conduct a 5-year background check to UK Aviation standards. This bundle will identify gaps in an applicant’s whereabouts of 28 days or more and identify any Criminal Record certificate requirements.

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Basic BPSS

Conduct a 3-year background check in line with the Baseline Personnel Security Standard including a UK Basic Criminal Record Check Certificate only. Identity and right to work checks will be performed.

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General Vetting 1

Conduct a 1-year background check, suitable for most industries. Upon completion of the referencing, you will receive a PDF copy of their references.

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Featured blog article
Blog article
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We’ve created a list of all the questions and answers that you are most likely to ask when investing in a new tool. From costs and efficiency, to ease of use and applicant experience, our helpful article should lead the way to a building a successful business case!

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